One Big Smyle


Music from "One Big Smyle"

We are a group of smiling musicians. 

Some of us have been together for more than a decade as we were raising our kids in the presence of music.  Now we do benefit concerts for deserving charities.  Our music spans everything from bluegrass to blues, Beatles to Stones, Sinatra to Vedder.  Instruments include drums, bass, banjo, guitar, mandolin, harmonica and keyboards.  We perform in groups from one to seven or more players although five seems to be our best mix of talent.  

We're all based in Ottawa, Canada and have been known to travel as far as  Constance Bay. 


One Big Smyle

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Down Syndrome BBQ, Hampton
See website here

June 25
Down Syndrome BBQ, Hampton Park
See website here

June 27
Down Syndrome BBQ, Hampton Park
See website here

June 21
Down Syndrome BBQ
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June 22
Down Syndrome BBQ
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June 23
Down Syndrome BBQ

June 26
Down Syndrome BBQ

June 19 Main Street Event
June 27 Down Syndrome BBQ

June 27 Down Syndrome BBQ and fun day Hampton Park
June 20 Mainstreet Event

Past Concerts
June 20 Hampton Park for Down Syndrome
April 25 Bronson Centre for Asperger Syndrome